Monday, December 19, 2005


Let's keep blaming Mossad!

Leigh from the House Of Wheels writes:
Further to the last two stories on Sydney Indy Media that the Jews/Mossad were behind the Sydney race riots, we have this latest gem
A fire witnesses said was started by jewish mosszad agents destroyed a west Sydney church hall linked to the riots in Cronulla, NSW Premier Morris Iemma says.
As Leigh notes, what the hell is a "mosszad" agent?

As a comment on the Indymedia post notes:
Come on Faruque (sorry, "Walter").

We all know Sydney Indymedia won't bother hiding your antisemitic articles, but now you aren't even trying!
Too right. Completely unsurprisingly, there is no mention of this in any other news source.

It makes me wonder however, if Google indexes Indymedia, could the frequent posting of such antisemitic articles essentially be a giant Googlebomb for future antisemites' convenience?

Probably won't matter if people are only looking for "mosszad"...

In a massive break with recent tradition, it seems several of the anti-semitic articles on sydney indymedia have been hidden as of today.
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