Friday, October 07, 2005


A Prayer for Paul Martin's Tiny Balls

More erudite poetry from BC Indymedia:

I wish my prime minister, Mr. Paul Martin, had the balls to suggest to the hood ornament of that old roman hate-mongering, aggression-mothering whore from hell that the future will only be better if she would just go to hell. Can’t he just publicly say, “Go ahead and excommunicate me”?
If you plan to bring me back into this fucked up world, please don’t let my life be any less painful. Bring me back as a paraplegic black lesbian dwarf rabbi who gets stuck watching AIDS-ridden children cry to the heavens for mercy, while your divinely ordained and biblically authorized government officials fuck the world up the ass with more corruption and greed.
Yes. Well.

The hell? I don't even understand what that nut is trying to say...
If the quoted text is written by a real person, and not created by some "random profanities" algorithm, it definitely qualifies as one of the most incoherent rants in the history of the Internet.
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