Friday, October 14, 2005


Low Burden of Proof

BC Indymedia is carrying another Tom Flocco 'scoop. I have previously reported material by "Tom Flocco" formatted to look like a credible newswire article, and presumably seeded on sites such as Indymedia to later be referenced as credible sources. Here's how it works

An article is posted:
"Survivor" of 911 Pentagon "Plane Crash" Arrested in Europe With Counterfeit Millions

French and American intelligence agents have arrested Barbara Olson, the wife of a former Bush administration official, a few days ago on the Polish-German border, according to agents close to and with knowledge of the incident.
No verifiable facts are presented, and indeed as pointed out by a later comment, even if you leave aside the conspiracy theories, the basic material itself is factually questionable:
The current internet appearance of the story claiming Barbara 'Olsen' has been arrested in Europe is devoid of substance. There is not one micron of proof. The story is simply not journalism at this point in time.

Extraordinary claims DEMAND extraordinary proof. There is nothing in the 'Olsen' story to substantiate it.

First, her last name is or was misspelled 'Olsen'. It is 'Olson' and may by now be corrected.

Even more lamentable is the claim she was arrested at the 'Polish-Austrian' border.

Unfortunately, these two countries do not share a common a quick look at any map of Europe will show.
Of course this doesn't stop other stooges seizing on the material as further proof of what they believed all along:
It always amazed me how that Boeing 757 with a 154 foot wingspan slipped cleanly through that 16 foot hole without even breaking the windows above the hole (the tail must have dematerialised immediately before entry).

Now a survivor shows up in Europe, in fact the one who allegedly phoned her husband from an altitude from which cellular phone calls are impossible.

This almost ranks with the passport of the alleged "Arab hijacker" which miraculously survived the jet fuel (kerosine) fireball and bizarre spontaneous atomization of the World Trade Center tower and came fluttering to the ground conveniently after the crash.
Most of these theories have been roundly and scientifically rebuked for those who still sought 'the truth'. The remainder will of course never find 'the truth' they seek. For them I feel sorry, however at least anyone with stocks in a tinfoil company will benefit. Note, the anti-conspiracy site I just linked to itself contains links to conspiracy theories. This may be inadvertent. I have emailed the site owner and await a reply.

Now that the material is published (thanks as always Indymedia) it can serve as further anti-US propaganda based on lies and disinformation, in this case dressed as news.

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