Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Blunder Down Under

While Melbourne Indymedia argue over whether they are useless or merely pointless, Darwin Indymedia (with the unfortunate abbreviation DIM) is having other issues.

From Evil Pundit:
Couldn't make up this stuff... Some sort of awful faction fight is going on about DIM (Darwin Indy Media!).

I've been reading back and forth through these documents. Some fun stuff:

ROUGH DRAFT MINUTES - February 6, 2005

Meeting started late - 4-20pm [always a sign of a well run organization -ed]
Present Mick - Viki - Fi - David timber - Freddie -Mindy


Gary meyerhoff was evicted from OMD start of meeting (because) he's broken principles of unity also cyberstalking collective members, use of DIM to support NAP, threatening collective members and the use of Police when that didn't work and has shown himself unreliable with funding and has stolen money and equipment off another collective member and guilty of racism and sexism.

{Fi is referring to Meyerhoff ripping her off over a drug deal and stealing her phone charger which she found later}
Those wacky "activists"...

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