Monday, July 25, 2005


UK Indymedia: No More Sympathy for London

Via UK Indymedia - No More Sympathy for London:
As someone who had a lot of sympathy for London after the July 7 bombings
(take a pause to wipe the dripping sincerity off your monitor)
I have to confess that that sympathy is rapidly disappearing.

In the past, New Yorkers and others have demonstrated against police brutality holding aloft plumber's helpers and wallets. At the very least, Londoners should hold a "padded heavy coat" demonstration, and DARE the fucking cops to shoot them down.

If Londoners don't give enough of a shit to do even that, then it will be increasingly difficult for me to give a shit about them.
As if you did before.

Meanwhile, Mossad have been terribly busy lately according to three consecutive articles on UK Indymedia. Not only were they behind the London bombings, but Mossad was Responsoble for Bombing in Egypt (and presumably "responsoble" for spelling as well).

That pesky Mossad! How many infidels does Al-Quaeda have to actually kill to get some frickin' credit from Indymedia?

The irony in the argument is staggering: if Londoners, fearful of being blown to bits, don't protest to protect civil liberties which allow them to be blown to bits, then those Londoners lose the respect of someone who cares more about protesting police mistakes than protesting against intended mass murder by Islamicists who want him dead.

Only Indymedia...
go fuck yourself
no, you go fuck YOURself.

indymedia are terrorist supporting, socialist, bitches.

What's sad is they don't even realize it. Their heads are so far up their asses that they'll never see the light, or their own sick, delusional ways.
Check out this great report on Indymedia and its problems, by Reuters AlertNet.
hey watcher, i just shredded some fucktard in a debate about his "padded coat protest"

check it out!

There is no possible way to refute my logic on this one.

Game, set, match.

by the way, this site is awesome. I've hated indymedia for soooo long.
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