Thursday, July 21, 2005


Joe Vialls is Dead

Sydney Indymedia reports that one of the leading lunatics of our time, Joe Vialls has died.
Vialls passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last night in Perth Western Australia after a period of illness.
Sound a bit suspicious?
At this very moment he's probably checking behind Gods throne to see if the Mossad are there!
The post advises:
Readers are advised to save Joe's work, as in the months and weeks ahead we suspect that the 'Powers that be' will attempt to remove his work from the Internet.
...Or someone will forget to pay Joe's hosting bill. Damned CIA!

'Fortunately', as previously noted, Indymedia has archived much of his "independent journalism".

Joe Vialls was a wanker.
He passed comment about certain things in Tasmania that he had absolutely no idea about,Was given the opportunity to correct it and didn`t luckily for him he died before he could be sued.
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