Sunday, July 24, 2005


Giant Protest Against.....Everything

Via Chapel Hill Indymedia - Protest the World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings Sept. 23-25th 2005. In Washington DC.


From the former:
Block the Bank! Fight the Fund! Reclaim Our Communities! Confront Economic Violence and Corporate Capitalism during the World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings September 23-25, 2005 :: Washington DC :: Call for DIRECT ACTION
Translation of "Direct Action" : Smash things.

From the latter:
On September 24 in Washington, DC the Arab American and the Muslim community will stand united with all targeted communities against the onslaught of the National Security State at home and abroad
It goes on to detail how they will protest against terrorism, declare an end to support of Militant Islam, oust those who incite hatred amongst their community and condemn the recent bombings in London and now Egypt.

Just kidding.
we declare a clear opposition to the war on Iraq. We will...send a message to the Bush administration that its illegal war and occupation must come to an end. In addition to Washington, DC, we will also simultaneously mobilize in Los Angeles and San Francisco to send a powerful national message on a massive scale.

Emphasizing the consensus of the movement worldwide that war is neither singular in nature nor narrow in goals, we will inextricably support the struggle of the Palestinian people for freedom and return. As people in Palestine march the streets in support of their Iraqi brothers and sisters and as the Palestinian flag is waved in Iraq, we fully understand that those struggles cannot be disconnected from each other.

We are honored to insist on standing with our brothers and sisters in Haiti as they face off ongoing assaults, for their struggle is also ours. It should not be any other way. As such, we will stand in solidarity with all those targeted by Empire as we collectively share the wrath of its violence. We will defend civil rights and liberties, and reject any attempt to falsely position Muslims and Arab Americans as outsiders in this society.
Haiti? Surely they have more important things to be worried about, but what better way to capitalise (no pun intended) on the socialists and Marxists who will converge on the Capitol that weekend.

Looks like it will be an interesting weekend in DC...

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