Wednesday, March 02, 2005


--This-- is civil disobedience

Six people were arrested during a sit-in at an Oakland Schools' Administrator's Office.

From what I can tell from the article, they were not violent, they did not damage any property nor were they offensive in any manner.

They had a grievance and weren't going to leave until it was heard.

This ladies and gentlemen is civil disobedience.

(This is not).

Obviously the Police had no choice but to remove then from the property when requested, however the so-called 'activists' who continually act in a far less dignified manner than these folk could learn a hell of a lot from them. I am sure the parents who occupied the school would not identify with the antics of much of the Indymedia mass who no doubt 'support' them.

Governor Arnie, your move sir.

Some more discussions about Californian education spending here.

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