Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Neocons (oogedy boogedy boogedy)

You may have noticed the term Neocon was widely being used as a euphemism for Jew (except for Indymedia of course where they came right out and said it).
Spain’s prime minister tonight ordered the recall of Spanish troops from the jew-neocons war of thievery in Iraq
9-11 and The Zionist Connection
and so forth.

Now comes another article from Urbana-Champaign Indymedia which argues:
Anyone who has studied the history of the Nazis would be hard pressed to differentiate between a Nazi and a Neoconservative.

The Neocons embrace the ideals of fascism and despise the ideals of democracy. They are suppressing any form of dissent , free speech or justice as demonstrated in the cases of Ward Churchill and Lynne Stewart. They have deployed a finely tuned propaganda machine made to manufacture consent. They commit crimes against humanity using depleted uranium munitions an act of genocide every bit as evil as the gas chambers. They torture and imprison people in concentration camps without charge. They have started a war of aggression and are guilty of all the crimes the Nazis were tried for at Nuremberg. They control the minds of the people with a steady flow of nationalist and religious brainwashing. They have a leader who is intellectually challenged, immature, mentally unstable and completely out of touch with reality.
Actually, anyone who has "studied the history of the Nazis" would know you are a fool, but anyway... There you have it folks. Not only are Neocons Jews, they are simultaneously also Nazis.

Gee, talk about your self-hating Jew!

I have said it before people. You can only have one opposing looney conspiracy theory at a time.

To put it bluntly, you must be part of the eeeeeevil Joooooo/Zionist/AmeriKKKa conspiracy led by that evil genius and stupid braindead moron HalliBu$HitlEnron... erm, yeah.

I find it interesting that the neo-conservatives who supposedly hate democracy have started two democracies and maintained their own. Hang on, why am I trying to debate Indymedia with facts?
It is really too bad you guys aren't as contradictory as the dreadheads ruling the world with their indymedia monopoly. It would be easier if someone as me, standing rather outside of it all, could be as witty and piercingly revealing about the american freedom crusade. But, of course you're right. All countries blessed by american democracy feel much better now. Took a rough tackle but that's part of the game.

Iraq now had their first vote (the sign of democracy), and everything is in order. Some disturbing terrorists still around albeit. What the hell do they want??? They got freeeedom now. Those fuckers.

Being a swedish citizen, I find myself jealous of the way America is run. I wish we would get a similar treatment over here. Did you know that our government is nearly communist?
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