Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Making a lot of noise

San Diego Indymedia has issued a call to drummers, musicians and noisemakers to attend a protest to "meet up there, talk and make music." The details of the actual protest are rather inconsequential. Something about Zapatista anarchists.
Bring some music making object, we wish we could provide, but at the moment we are trying to see who would be interested in promoting this collectively, who would be down to keep it up thorugh March, to do sometihng on the 8th (womens) and the 19th. If you are interested and want further info, check out earlier postings on MARCH AND RALLY PROGRESSIVE ENSEMBLE, or call, drop a message. No one is an expert drumming, so we all learn collectively, but if you are, chingon!, bring yourself on and teach us. Even if wednesday is bad for you, still maybe you want to do something for the March 19th. Also, and a very deep ALSO; we are poor, so if you have a drum, cow bell, noisemaker of any kind that you wish to donate so that other people may have something to use, please let me know how I can get a hold of you, i would be more than happy to go pick it up. Drumming and music is a healing processes, drumming and music on a progressive event is healing on top of healing, its a great feeling if you've done it before and it will be agreat experience for those whose first time this will be. So don't be shy and get in touch with the nice people at the MARCH AND RALLY PROGRESSIVE ENSEMBLE. in solidarity.
Like making noise? Own a drum or some saucepans? Turn up! They'll tell you what you are actually protesting after you get there...


whinging about hippies combining their two favourite pastimes? Why not play music at impromptu, issue-less rallies? They'll get 10 people to the thing, mostly hari krishnas and karaoke types. Let them beat their drums for something innocuous. For once. I think it's a great idea.

I think that you have missed my point.

Go back and look really closely at the fine-print and you will see that this is most certainly not an 'issueless' or innoccuous rally despite possibly appearing to be one.
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