Monday, January 03, 2005


Saddam Hussein to Lead UN Tsunami Cleanup Committee

New York: Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan today announced the UN was substantially increasing its contribution to the tsunami cleanup by appointing Saddam Hussein to head a Combined United Nations Taskforce (acronym may be revised later).

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Annan said:
"He's the perfect guy for the job. He knows how to rapidly dispose of thousands of bodies and is intimately familiar with how to get anything he wants through the UN as well.

Sudan, Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia and other members of the UN Human Right's Commission with long-standing records of upholding human rights are insisting the United States release Hussein from prison and stop "undermining the moral authority of the UN" at once.

Saddam Hussein (via his lawyers) said:
"I am pleased to once again be working so closely with Kofi Annan and his immediate family and I am sure it will continue to be mutually beneficial".

Editor's Note: Yes, I know the above is in bad taste but I do not write it out of any disrespect for the victims. I write it out of a lack of respect for the UN and hope the world may see what the UN has become, instead of what it should be. From global tragedy, hopefully will come global improvement. Here's some people who are really helping the sunami victims.

Update: I have realized that I made a typo ("sunami") but have left it there uncorrected as I'm getting search engine-traffic from people who can't spell or at least make excuses as I just did...

Gotta hand it to Linda of Auterrific as the only blogger to actually use the acronym! What cojones!
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