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When I saw "" in a Google search, my first thought was "this will be interesting, someone has set up a rogue Indy Media site, I wonder if it's free of the usual racist, untrue, nutty, anti-semitic garbage I normally find?"

My excitement was unjustified. It turns out it is actually America's "Rogue Valley IMC". As for my other hopes? Well they were wrong as well.
See what our Zionized US media and government doesn't want you to see about Syria, and find out what the real agenda is behind our government's war-mongering agenda against Syria.
It's amazing I don't even need to look past the front page of these sites to find rubbish such as the above time and time again.

The article claims:
Syria does not even have any oil that it exports. Therefore, it goes to show that the war on terror is really all about security for Israel or to put it even more accurately, Zionist Judeo-Christian corporate elite power.
If it is in fact "all about security for Israel" uh, what exactly is wrong with that? Unless of course, like Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia you have always wanted to see Israel pushed into the sea for no particular reason, and/or support Islamic terrorism. In that case, aren't you glad there's Indy Media? Of course you are.
In my upcoming documentary about Syria, I show the happy people of Syria, who certainly do not need to be deliberated¬Ě by the US or anyone, except by themselves if they care to. I show how many of them have their President Bashar Assad's portrait in their living rooms

Yes, well.
There were plenty of people with Saddam Hussein's portrait in their homes as well. Once upon a time...

And now - The aforementioned happy people of Syria (Courtesy: Syria Human Rights Committee.

Happy aren't they?

Isn't it amazing how a country of summary executions and disappearances, thousands killed in 1980, 1981,1982 during actions against Muslim Brotherhood, some 15000 having disappeared in prisons, home raids on dissidents, child labour and monitoring of human rights groups barely rates a mention on Indy Media? Maybe I just couldn't find it among all the discussion about Israel. Funny... I thought the whole anti-occupation obsession might mean that the Syrian occupation of Lebanon might rate a small mention.

You'd think also that the total censorship of Syrian news and state ownership of all media might also attract the attention of the so called Independent Media proponents and allow me to take them more seriously.

Nope. I guess they must just have been busy that day.

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