Sunday, January 02, 2005


Loonies Around the World

A Swedish blog linked to me. Not speaking Swedish, I can't really understand most of what appears on that site, but I get the gist (bork bork bork).

Update: I asked him for a translation and the Blog's author emailed me the following:
I'd like to thank you for a great blog!

Here's what I wrote:

"The extremely useful blog Indy Media Watch keeps track of the international Indymedia network - often times with a good portion of irony. This site is well worth a visit, not least in order to discover the degree to which the extreme left has completely ignored the tragic disaster in South Asia. Go read the following posts for example: .... "

The rest of the entry shows how an Islamic and another left-wing internet forum seem to show utter contempt and cynicism towards the Swedish and the other victims.
I have put your site in my blogroll as well. I think Indymedia has become a meeting place for extremists, of which I fear the extreme left is no less dangerous than the extreme right.

Thank you Alicio.

I have generally avoided non-English Indy Media sites simply because it is difficult to critique text you don't understand. Nevertheless, inspired by my Swedish colleague, I visited Sweden Indy Media and learned something interesting.

Firstly, the fact the sites are specifically not in English doesn't seem to deter Indy Seagull Spammers from posting the same tired old garbage (in English) on those sites as on every other global Indy Media site.

Secondly, lunatics aren't confined merely to the English speaking world. You don't need to be fluent in Swedish to get the gist of this.
Preemptive news -Tysk varning för kommande 911 style PsyOP

No prizes for guessing.... Oh and there is a lengthy excerpt of English cited in there as well:
there are at the moment only a few significant power centres that are worthy of your urgent attention: the Wolfowitz Network, the Hidden Hand, the City of London and a powerful elite of anti-Jewish fanatics who only pretend to be Jews and are protected twenty-four hours around the clock by an elite within Mossad and a vast army of other "Israeli" front groups.

So there you have it folks. "Anti-Jewish fanatics" are actually being protected by Mossad who clearly has nothing better to do than protect its sworn enemies.

It seems loonies come from all over the place, including Sweden.

Update: Bork Bork Bork!

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