Sunday, January 23, 2005


Indy Media Symbolism

Moments ago I referred to violent incidents of protest and suggested Indymedia provocateurs encourage most of it.

I said the sites usually follow up this reporting with editorial to the effect of "the trouble all started when the Police officer hit me back".

I was right.

An article on Washington DC Indymedia refererred to Police using pepper/capsicum spray against protesters who had knocked down a massive barricade.

Looking at the photos, it seems to me that a barricade was set up with the clear symbolism that "across this line, you do not cross".
When it was knocked down, the police responded.

I refer to symbolism specifically because the Indy Media post claimed:
protesters did NOT attempt to pass through or rush the police line on the other side. It was a symbolic act against the fences and barricads of the empire weather they be physical, economic or political.
Don't you love the "symbolism"?

Could it be instead that the protesters did not attempt to charge through because of the pepper spray which replaced the hitherto erect barricade?
Or would you seriously have us believe the protesters would have knocked down the barricades, hugged and high-fived each other before remaining on exactly the same spot.
And here's a photo of protesters spraying the Police.


The article then goes on to cast aspersions on people (captioned: "The Rich") who from what I can see were doing nothing more than looking out the window at the time.

One poster than says:
I high powered Marine sniper rifle would serve a nice purpose and alleviate the world of those white fucking pigs looking out the window

Was that a violent death-threat I just saw?. Assuming (and I certainly am) that it was, I can't imagine why the Police might question your hostility after knocking down a twelve foot barricade. Let me guess, threatening to shoot them was really just "symbolism" right?

This was then followed many more complaints about police tactics such as:
even when we were being completely peaceful, they sprayed us
which was folllowed by this photo devoid of any spray:
. Here's a tip, if you are going to lie, don't provide photographic evidence.

This isn't about Bush Politics. It's a simple question of threats, obvious lies and distortion being reported on Indymedia as "news". Thanks to the ever-popular photos after protests, it's easy to illustrate the ongoing problem of Indymedia.

No one is taking away your right to protest, no one is taking away your right to criticise Government policy nor (despite previously reported conspiracy theorist beliefs) are these rights going anywhere. But for heaven's sake, grow up already and respect the rights you have because live in a country where you can do all this and still live to write about it. People have died to earn or protect those rights. On Indymedia you take them for granted and achieve nothing by abusing them.

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