Sunday, December 19, 2004


San Francisco Keeps Trying...

San Francisco Indy Media still wants to "kickstart a shift towards maturing into a real media network that can compete with any of the best wire services in the world."

I thought I'd see how they were doing so far in their noble quest.

Not... so... good...

Executive Summary: 1) George W. Bush "stole" another election (fer sher, yesiree) all "Amerikans" are Nazis. 2) former US President Lincoln was actually gay (but somehow didn't seem to upset aforesaid Amerikan Nazis) and my favourite: 3) Freeway Bloggers(who back in the day were just called vandals).

Of course SF IMC could do something about it, or they could write another editorial condemning the mainstream press (who didn't run any of those pieces for some amazing reason) and continue motivating themselves.

Still, their content is better than some of the rubbish polluting the Internet courtesy of other Indy Media Sites I've visited today...

(Spelling unchanged - you can't write comedy this good)
Seattle use to have some many active people what happen up there? Is it all the coffee? or maybe people just had too much heroin? Hell, Portland is equally bad (if not worse) for heroin and coffee. So my brother/sister Seattlites its time to wake up and change this formate and your subdued actions. Be the people we have always been proud to call sisters and brothers. Make this indymedia the place people go to to become aware of the hideousness of the "Man" and the fact that the fascist boot is coming down on us. Rise up and post and make this indymedia a place to call home!

Yeah man!

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