Sunday, December 12, 2004


Pesky Zionists, Hotel Rooms and Taxi-Drivers

Not content with merely subverting video stores those pesky Zionists are now stealing bibles from hotel rooms according to a piece aired on Melbourne Indy Media.

Of course you won't actually find any evidence to support the accusation, but come on! It's got Jew written all over it (according to Melbourne Indy Media anyway).

Following the links in the article allowed me to discover the wonderfully deranged Faruque Ahmed, an Australian taxi driver who doubles as the "Moderator" of a blog advertised in his spews all over the IMC network. For a "Moderator" he appears about as moderate as Osama bin Laden on a Sunny Tuesday. He has taken on Australian talkback radio and print journalists by accusing them of being everything from "Zio-Nazis" to Israelites and offering "definitive evidence" including pictures which "prove" Israel is worse than Hitler. Despite his in-depth research into the accused journalists, somehow he still manages to spell their name wrong. I am touched by how the intelligent, cogent and well thought out response by his victims (before they wrote him off and probably took out restraining orders) didn't end with "and that sir is why we are well known media identities, and you will always be driving a cab".

I do not want to offend hard working taxi drivers however but must wonder whether they all know this fool represents them. If he does, I think I'm catching a bus next time I visit Australia!

Normally I would dismiss such a person simply as an idiot. We have all learned though that idiots can still be dangerous. It seems Indy Media continues to provide at least one idiot with a platform for his bile.

Having used their services exstensivly and known some of them personaly I can safely say that this moron does not speak for Australian cab drivers.
Sister Geoff, you are of course correct that he probably doesn't represent mosst of them.

Cabbies worldwide cop enough flak for everything from driving ability to personal hygeine. I doubt they'll ever beat the jokes, but this guy is no joke at all! Suggest you tell your Aussie cabbie mates that they should keep a close eye on this one. Otherwise, people will be calling the Australian taxi hotline to order a cab and the Australian Terrorist Hotline when they get out! Cheers.
why are you so interested in what happens on an aussie blog if you dont live here? what does it matter to you? is it because your masters PAY YOU TO DISCREDIT PEOPLE YOU DON"T KNOW?
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