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On Antisemitism and Indymedia: a follow-up

A thoughtful article by Dave Gehrig on Urbana-Champaign Indymedia in response to the ongoing disgraceful behaviour of UK Indymedia. It is good reading for anybody who considers themself an activist and includes this preface:
Now, I should start by saying, if you're the sort of person who automatically presumes that the only possible reason that anyone ever brings up antisemitism on the left is as a cynical gambit to deflect criticism of Israel, that the left is magically clean and pure as snow and has absolutely nothing to worry about, and that I must be a Mossad agent to even suggest otherwise, well, you might as well stop reading now, because you're part of the problem. Your knee has already jerked.
On the other hand, UC-IMC is also advertising this function, with the suspicious sounding headline: "The Truth About Israel" and a subsequent sub-title: "The Truth about Zionism" The presenter?
Sherry Wolf is on the editorial board of the International Socialist Review and is the author of many articles and pamphlets including: "Spies, Lies and War: Lesson from COINTELPRO".

Speaking of which, some on UK Indymedia, as predictably as sunrise, are now suggesting this site's criticism is part of some COINTELPRO trolling. They really don't get it do they?

The ball's in Indymedia UK's court now.

I don't have any evidence other than the word of the anonymous poster here "ex-IMC" that there's a sudden crisis at Indymedia UK or mass deletions from the Features list. Both posts I made to the Features list made it through.

A new post on imc-uk-features shows that someone took a look and recomments the story be hidden, but the story's still there last time I checked and the comments calling for its removal are themselves removed.

Ultimately, one way or another, their decision will speak for itself.
If Indymedia Watch is a Zionist and COINTELPRO conspiracy, they owe me some serious back-pay!

Ah, the world must be so simple to those who believe the entire world is run by a few folks sitting in some office in Washington or Israel. A stupid world, but a simple one none-the-less.
David Gehrig's email was quickly swept under the carpet and the previous anti Jewish posts have continued to be unhidden.. For example

Hey gehrig,

I've been reading your brilliant post since 2002 (on IMC). Thank you.
For more about COINTELPRO, see:
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