Sunday, November 05, 2006


Indymedia Reaction to Saddam Hussein Verdict

*** This post will be updated ***

Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to death by hanging.

UK Indymedia reaction here:
Who was US President when Hussein was helped to power by USA?

And who armed him for the war with Iran? Why are those people not also on trial?

Is it because there is a Quisling Government appointed as the result of crooked election run on the US model imposed by the Gauleiters from the invading force?
Sydney Indymedia here:
Hanging Saddam for 148 victims? George Bush as Texas governor was named 'Texecutionor' as the biggest Serial Killer with 155 victims.
Update: A new post on UK Indymedia claims it's not even Saddam Hussein, but an impostor!

This list will certainly grow. Add your links in comments.

Meanwhile, on Seattle Indymedia:
I hate Joos cause I have such a small penis

An imposter, eh? No doubt "he" is a hologram.

How can the self anointed "intellectuals" be so stupid?
SF-IMC says "Saddam Hussein’s death sentence: a travesty of justice"

No, really. See for yourself:
That's odd. I saw no mention of SF here.

Poor nessie the spamboy is so desperate for hits on his dying and totally irrelevant site (just ask Jennifer Whitney) that he'll even post links on the sites of his enemies. How typical, though.
Its obviously a zio-neo-con plot to make us think that Nessie is spamming IMC.

Fortunately my tin foil hat helps me to see through the plot (and protects me from global warming to boot).
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