Monday, October 30, 2006


USA Must be Defeated

Via Bay Area Indymedia comes reports and photos from the ANSWER March and Rally on October 28.

These people are sick.

Is this guy actually Jewish? Or did he pick up that poorly fitting yarmulke from his boss's son's Bar-Mitzvah.

What the hell is wrong with these people?

A small contingent of counter protestors here:

They could have been members/affiliates of San Francisco Voice For Israel.

They consistently show up to protest ANSWER's various parade-o-moonbats events.
Here in England we had similar groups protesting against the nuclear cruise missiles that were at various RAF/USAF air bases to deter the Soviet threat. When the Cold War ended and the full extent of Red Army planning was revealed which showed how these groups had been manipulated and used by the Comicon for decades they were so shocked many of them never prtested again. It will be the same here, groups who through their own lack of knowledge think THEY have the answer, when the find out how they have been manipulated and used by Islamic extremists for their own needs they will be sorry.
....when the find out how they have been manipulated and used by Islamic extremists for their own needs they will be sorry.

Yeah, riiiiiiight.

Is there anyone except infants who didn't understand what happened on September the 11th of 2001?

They aren't being "manipulated" in any shape, manner, or form. They're simply leftist cretins.... oops, "intellectuals", who will do anything to appease the IslamoFascists (and an added attraction is being a carnival sideshow for the cameras).
When I tried to speak to the moonbat in the borrowed yarmulke, he just ranted and raved. When I tried to speak to him in Hebrew, it was obvious that he didn'tunderstnad a word and acted like he'd never heard Hebrew spoken before. He didn't even understand Lech L'azalzel!
They should thank heavens for America.

There's surely not another country on the planet which they can simultaneously live in and seek to destroy.
It seems that several comments at Indybay were hidden since the last time I looked.
"These people are sick."
i'm wondering who is more sick, someone who expresses it's meaning in the public, or who needs to publish pictures of people he doesn't like.
i think that building virtual pillorys is sick.

"i think that building virtual pillorys is sick."

The decrepit Communist with it's sign about "The U.S.A. must be defeated" is just A-OK with you?

Is there even *one* Unbathed mental cripple.... oops, leftist in the world that has more brains than sun ripened shit?
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