Sunday, August 13, 2006


Mixed Fashion

Indymedia UK is planning to Blockade the Foreign Office. The advertisement features this image:
Image Hosted by

Have a look at what she's wearing.

Is it just me, or is someone seriously missing the point with the ensemble of Burka and short sleeved figure-hugging tank-top? I mean, I'm sure it's terribly trendy and it does make a nice change from Che Guevara shirts, but somehow I can't really see it taking off in Iran...

Rack up another contradiction in terms for the far-left. You go grrrrl!

As one of the comments on the thread on UK noted, their flyer doesn't give the, uh, actual address.

Ge-e-eniuses, I tell ya.

And scheduling a protest for 8 AM on a Monday? Good luck with that.

I am looking forward to Ralph Lauren’s fall lineup, featuring drab and boring burkas. It is sure to be all the rage this coming year!
Is under her armpit?
Is that supposed to be a female?
I had a look at the original post, it seems the idea that some Police might be present at the demo is putting some people off !!!

Real hard core demonstrators these !
Its now 8.30 here in the UK and as I work near the FO I thought I'd take a look to see how the blockade was doing. As of about five minutes ago the total number of bockaders was ..... two.

The police have offered them bacon sandwiches and tea from their van but this seems to have annoyed them !!!
In the end 10 people turned up with a banner together for some weird reason with a Yemeni Folk Dancing troop !!!!

They hung around for about an hour and then all left. The police ignored them most of the time
8am was laways going to be a bit early for them !
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