Monday, August 07, 2006


Loose with Figures

A few posts ago, I caught someone out in comments who was terribly loose with figures in order to try and prove their anti-Israel beliefs. It seems this is quite common.

A series of photos on Boston IMC detail a recent protest in relation to the Israeli/Hezbollah conflict.

This one stood out:

The sign reads:
600 Lebanese Dead
590 of them Civilians
Do the Math!
A quick calculation would suggest a mere 10 Hezbollah had been killed.

This is of course absolute rubbish as even the most cursory glance at the news would demonstrate.

Hezbollah does not wear a uniform, and a dead terrorist once stripped of his weaponry can also be passed off as an "innocent civilian", given from where they operate. As a result, the 'official' figures of dead Hezbollah would be even lower than the real figures. Even so, they are plenty higher than 10. Unless of course you regard Hezbollah as "civilians".

"Do the math" indeed.

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