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International ANSWER’s War Strategy

I have nothing against anti-War groups and philosophies. I rarely see eye-to-eye with them, but I can respect their position. War clearly rips people and societies apart, and while I feel that not confronting evil and tyranny where it develops only makes for a bigger war later on, I can understand any individual’s moral desire to stop war from starting.

But for the love, the left needs to find some better groups to lead their anti-war movement. Around the country, International ANSWER plays a large part in organizing marches and pushing policy. They have many radical socialist positions and are anything but the “give peace a chance” side of the argument. ANSWER are not interested in stopping war, but simply want to see another side win the conflict. The anti-war movement needs better than these clowns at the helm. If there is going to be an anti-war position, it needs to separate itself from terrorists and communist front groups that have no intention of bring about peace.

Anyhow, Amelia McDonald from International ANSWER has written a letter criticizing the Santa Cruz Good Times for running an ad (paid for by a private organization) calling for support of Israel. The letter was then published on Indybay Santa Cruz. She says:
“The people of Palestine, the people of Lebanon, the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, all black and brown people and yes the people of Israel (not the state)- none of these people are benefiting from the growing war in the Middle East, the growing War on Terror and the growing war on the working class.”

What? The “war” in Lebanon is a war on the working class? How so? I guess I should expect as much from ANSWER. Everything they see is some type of massive class war perpetuated by “business elites”. Here I thought it was about attacks on Israeli citizens by armed terrorists in Lebanon. Silly me.
“With the continued support of the US, Israel, like the US seems to not have to answer for its actions. I urge the staff at the Good Times to not support the lies, and to use your conscience when selling space in your publication.”
Translation: please become a propaganda mill that avoids all facts for the sake of our political and ideological gain. How dare they select an add that opposes our twisted world view!

And of course, it wouldn’t be ANSWER unless they threw this last bit in:
“It is our government who is providing the financial means to fund this war machine that is known as the state of Israel!”
This just in: International ANSWER considers changing name to International IDIOTS.

ANSWER isn't a very popular group among many leftist circles (disproportionate media they get to the contrary).

Disappointingly, the hatred of ANSWER isn't because of their rather authoritarian underlying philosophical roots (it always bemuses me to see self-proclaimed anarchists marching behind ANSWER banners) or its track record of antisemitism.

No, what usually gets activist groups riled up against ANSWER is the group's habit of "jumping in front" of what started as grassroots protests and, on the few occasions when they do the groundwork of organizing an event, doing organizing with little or no meaningful cooperation with local activist groups.
I wish there were more non-ANSWER protests.
Can you name some of these leftists who are opposed to ANSWER and their absurd positions and sloganeering?

To me, ANSWER seems a parody of a lefty group, it is as if ANSWER were run by the FBI to disrupt any left wing movement.
There have been a number of spats between ANSWER and other leftist organizations and individuals. David Corn from the Nation wrote a piece about his distaste for the organization that is pretty good (http://www.thenation.com/blogs/capitalgames?bid=3&pid=385). The fact that a number of pro-Israeli peace groups have been showing up to counter-protest ANSWER’s events is another positive development in countering the nonsense they constantly put forth.
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