Sunday, August 06, 2006


Faruque Loves Mel

Sydney Indymedia is hosting local idiot Faruque Ahmed's latest screed = Zionised Sydney and Australia
The day Mel was accused of saying, "anti-Semitic" crap (which part was not true?)
Right off the bat Faruque reaffirms his antisemite credentials, previously including links to Stormfront.
an elderly lady was assaulted by an Israeli terrorist right outside the Sydney Town Hall, in front of every one! Israeli terrorists have been murdering unarmed women and children all the time and no one is getting offended! Why the hell we got a double standard and hypocrisy?
Lock up your children! Don't go out into the streets! Bloodthirsty Israeli terrorists everywhere!

Faruque goes on:
Two days later some one said to his friend during a meal, "by observing and analysing the attitude and behaviours of Israelis and their supporters I can conclude the fact that Hitler and his Nazi followers were much more honourable than this lot"!
Yup. Sure "someone" said that. It gets better:
Another occasion some one said, "Mel Gibson for Prime Minister"! To your surprise, these comments were offensive to "Jews".
Quite by coincidence, just yesterday, this friend of a guy I know, knew someone, who read about this guy that overheard someone saying "Faruque for President". Honest!

Would you ride in a Taxi driven by this guy?

I was at the rally, didn't see the terrorist in question (or Faruque).

It was quite scary to see how much fun some people were having.

One man told the crowd that two Lebanese men had told him that they had been beaten up by police after a previous rally. This elicted giggly shouts of 'Shame! Shame! from the two female university students beside me (both wearing the chequered neckerchief worn by Palestinians). Everyone there chose to believe the speaker and no one bothered to question a third hand story. Why were there no photos of their injuries, why did the men not get the licence plate or ID of the officers?

Given their gleeful and ready willingness to believe anything they were told, I would have thought that an Israeli terrorist beating up a peace protestor would have been big news. There were only about 50 people at the rally, so it wasn't like we could have missed it.

I couldn't help but feeling sorry for the Lebanese, with friends like this...

Most of the protestors were selling Che badges to each other or re-arguing the esoteric points of marxist philosophy that have lead to the micro-fragmentation of the far left or quoting George Galloway, as if he was a peace advocate.

No one had ANY ideas to actually help the Lebanese or Palestinians.
These protests are never about results; they are about yelling and screaming in self righteous indignation.

At least that is what my sisters roommate’s rabbi’s wife said. Or was it my brother’s aunt’s gardener’s dentist? Well none the less, I am sure it was a completely reliable and verifiable source.
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