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False Flag?

Regular readers will know I have scoffed in the past at the frequency of accusations of "false flag operations" on Indymedia. For example, the insane argument that all antisemitism on Indymedia is in fact the work of a top secret Jewish agency looking to attract sympathy. Don't even get me started on 9/11 theories.

I now wonder if I'm a victim of one.

In this post I noted an apparent hacking attempt of SF Indymedia, which featured this image:

Click for Larger Version

Although this site's address appears in the text, we have no knowledge of it. I asked for a translation of the Hebrew writing.

One of our readers has written this in comments:
You wanted a translation of the Hebrew on that page? It's pretty untranslateable - it's obviously taken from a scientific paper on numbers theory (whatever that might be!) including Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, discovered by Alexander Gorotandik in the 50s.

Does that help? :-)

I can't imagine why that paragraph was chosen out of all the possibilities available to a hacker.
I can! What if someone who doesn't speak Hebrew, wanted to make the whole thing look like a plot by Jews.

If you read my earlier post you will see the incident was immediately written off as a "Zionist hack" with no trial and sketchy evidence. Well it just got a whole lot more interesting. It really seems as though someone is looking to frame Jews here.

Update: This just in from SF Indymedia:
Indymedia Watch pleads not guilty to hacking this site, claims "anti-Semitism"...How surprising.
What's surprising? That this site isn't guilty? Or that it is convinced there is rank antisemitism on Indymedia.


And speaking of anti-Semitism, now they want you to believe that Israel's war against Hizbullah is really about water:
Yes, folks, nessie is now so desperate for hits on his site that he's even trolling Indymediawatch.
LA-IMC seems to think that nessie is actually soft on Zionism:
See nessie troll. Troll, nessie, troll. Troll, troll, troll.

Frankly, Nessie doesn't come off as just a racist. He comes off as someone who really needs to seek professional mental help. I've had my experiences with your garden variety racists, and Nessie is... something special.

Ok, now, on this whole crash SF indymedia thing... I think you should take a step back and get off the "we've been framed" rhetoric. Nothing in that graphic attributes the crash to indymediawatch. Frankly, it should be pretty obvious that it wasn't done by anyone running Indymediawatch. I mean, really, (and please don't take offense) when was the last time you saw a hacker host a site on
I think you should take a step back and get off the "we've been framed" rhetoric.

I'm not making that big a deal of it. I did note however that "Zionists" were aitomatically blamed on scant evidence in what now looks to have been perpetrated by the opposite.

This site has been implicated by way of the latest post (linked to above) even if the reference on the image is not itself potentially damning.

My only 'rhetoric' is that SF Indymedia (amogst others) is completely full of it. Your point noted.
Absolutely brilliant site you have. I have been scanning Indybay now and again over the years and find it quite depressing--like watching a train wreck in slo-mo.
Indymedia was once interesting, then devolved into the typical left wing circular firing squad and now seems an irrelevant fringe of kooky conspiracy theories, overblown headlines and vicious Israel bashing hyperbole.
I actually only found your site through their link.
I can't tell you how many times I was laughing out loud while reading the Anarchist (book fair) vs Stalinist (ANSWER) debate in the comments you linked to in one of your old posts.
Also enjoyed the Alien/Tinky Winky autopsy picture---sadly, anyone displaying any deviation from party orthodoxy seems to have left Indybay--but I think that was the pittsburgh site anyway.
Keep up the good work. Those guys and gals are clowns....possibly dangerous clowns.
>Nessie doesn't come off as just a racist. He comes off as someone who really needs to seek professional mental help

An ad hominem is not a rebuttal. It's a way to change the subject.

This hoary canard is not only an ad hominem, it's a bald faced lie. Not only am I not a racist, I'm one of the most outspoken anti-racists on the entire IMC network, and have been for a very long time. I was the one, for example, who banned both anti-Semite Wendy Campbell and pro-Semite David Gehrig from SF-IMC forever.

As I have stated repeatedly, racists have no place in Indymedia and their propaganda has no place on Indymedia bandwidth. Neither do any of our enemies. Neither does any of their propaganda. In my opinion, this policy should apply, not just to SF-IMC, but to the entire network.



If Indymedia cannot consensus to ban fascist propaganda, and enemy propaganda in general, then its credibility in this world will be nil, and it’s very reason for existing will have been negated. This is precisely the goal of at least some of the people who are currently abusing Indymedia’s hospitality. If they are permitted to succeed, not only will Indymedia be doomed, but the entire Global Justice Movement will suffer, and with it our planet, and untold generations of her people. This is not an acceptable option. Ergo, those IMC locals which insist on discrediting Indymedia, should be expelled by those of us who do consense. This should be done at the DNS level. If you are going to use our name and logo, you must not discredit them. If you discredit them, you must not be allowed to use our name and logo. This may sound harsh, but it the political reality of the situation. If, for example, you allow Nazi propaganda to be published under your name and logo, people will naturally assume that you are a supporter of Nazism. They will be right, and nothing else you say will be taken seriously, ever again, by anybody who knows, not even the Nazis themselves. In journalism, credibility is everything. Unless we can successfully defend our credibility, Indymedia will fail at its most basic mission, and all the work we have put into it will have been for nothing. The fascists must be driven out, so must the racists, war mongers, homophobes, misogynists, colonialists, and apologists for exploitation, ecocide, and torture, and anyone who defends them. Speech is free, bandwidth is not. That these miscreants be required to provide their own bandwidth is not an infringement of their freedom of speech. It is an affirmation of our own.

There's nessie-obsessie, IMC's crunchiest nutbar, quoting his favorite source of wisdom: himself.

What he doesn't tell you, of course, is that, despite all his self-promotion and his chest-pounding about being the True Embodiment of IMC principles, his site slid noiselessly into the Pacific, kinda like that old Buster Keaton short.

And ever since nessie has started lying about me -- claiming I'm a racist -- I have asked him to point to even a single comment of mine that's any more "racist" than this: "I believe that the Israelis have the right to their own state, just as I believe the Palestinians have the right to their own state."

Nessie has never been able to do that. Why? Because he's wrong. Again.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
nessie-obsessie: yammity yammity yammity

Thanks for demonstrating again how you singlehandedly turned SF-IMC into a ghost town.

Anyway, nessie, want the last word? Go ahead and take it. Seems to be very very important to you to get in the last "neener-neener."

"Zionism is an evil, racist ideology. It differs from Nazism only in the name of the favored ethnic group. It is every bit as racist and every bit as predatory. It is just Jewish instead of Aryan, that's all."

Dear Watcher,
Maybe I'm belaboring the obvious here, but the first time 'nessie' posted these nauseating lies you deleted his post. I was under the impression that you don't tolerate such trash here. Why do you now let his comment stay up?
I was under the impression that you don't tolerate such trash here. Why do you now let his comment stay up?

Because I woke up this morning to find dozens of such comments...

Enough is enough.

Gentlemen, comments on this blog are to be on-topic or taken elsewhere. That's enough thanks.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Watcher: yes, the hebrew words are related to "torat hamisparim" (problems of numbers theory). Nothing to do with the rest of the image. Someone is trying to frame Jews.

The antisemites are working until late in the night these days.
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