Monday, August 07, 2006


And the Award Goes to…

Every now and then, I think it is important to give props to an Indymedia website that is capable of going beyond the same shallow rhetoric that so often plagues their pages. Over at Santa Barbara IMC, there is a dedication to Bayard Stockton, who was both a journalist and a CIA agent. The author goes on to explain:
“Hence, this piece is posted to share with those Indymedia readers the impact which Bayard, a former CIA agent and journalist, had on Santa Barbara - an influence which transcended the evil-government-spook stereotype which so dominates left wing views of such persons.”

Try getting away with a comment like that at most Indymedia pages.

Not only was the piece well done, but it focused on a local individual and an issue that is of local interest to those in Santa Barbara. With most IM pages simply acting as “Hate Israel Web”, it is refreshing to see a local IM actually used for its intended purpose.

Now *that* is the sort of personal, thoughtful, insightful, direct journalism that Indymedia is supposed to be about. Thanks for pointing it out.

(And yes, the fact that it's as exceptional and rare as it is also points to just how far off the mark Indymedia has gone from its potential. Once upon a time, Indymedia had a vision of being open publishing, citizen journalism. But now we have cabals of editors at many prominent Indymedia sites who exercise more censorship and "party-line" editorial control than the mainstream media outlets Indymedia was meant to challenge. Aaaargh!)
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