Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Memo to Americans

Attention Americans: You are now living in Nazi Germany.

At least that's one of the comments on a post at Miami Indymedia: Evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job

Usual 'evidence' is presented - everything from Nazis to Martians and beyond. Well referenced, of course.

In it you will see mountains of facts surrounding 9/11 that never made it to the mainstream press. That's not very shocking, considering the news is owned by a few corporations.

I work at the Miami Independent Media Center, (AKA Indymedia - ed) and we reported a long, long time ago that 9/11 was an inside job. We are now living in Nazi Germany. It is my hope that the sleeping prophets in the media wake up fast enough to dissent and begin exposing the truth about the treasonous crimes our government has committed. It is a scientific fact that the World Trade Center buildings could not possibly have collapsed without the use of explosives. The evidence is conclusive.

If whoever is reading this cares about the future of this fascist country and the globalized world, please respond to this so that I can know my concern is not echoing down a dark chamber with nobody on the other side.
Stupid Nazis...

In fairness, that 9/11 conspiracy stuff, complete with nazi nutty-ness, gets spammed all over the indymedia network. Many editorial collectives have just taken to declaring it spam and removing all the junk as quickly as they can get to it. And offhand I've never seen any of the junk promoted to feature at any of the several Indymedia sites I regularly visit.
'Let me explain how this works. Team America is run by the corporations, who rule the world doing corporationy things etc etc'.
And to think those stupid Americans thought they were living in America.
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