Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Indymedia: The Book

SF Bay Area Indymedia is calling for help writing a Book about Indymedia.
This book would not attempt to be the definitive statement on Indymedia. Rather, it would be an overview of some of the triumphs and struggles of the network over the past five-and-a-half years. Its entries would range from dramatic, stream-of-thought, first-person pieces to more analytic chapters on the meaning of Indymedia. The book, while thoughtful, would avoid being overly academic and would be graphic/picture heavy.
For full proposal, see: http://www.indybook.org
I wonder if my site will get a mention? Moreover, will any of the points I have raised get a mention? Will there be a section, for example, on antisemitism or the use of Indymedia to support terrorist activities and crime. Or will it be an exercise in self-congratulation.

Coming soon: Indymedia, The Movie. Leave a comment who might star in it.

It's the NYC Print team, not Indybay, doing the book you numbnut. At least get your facts straight. And you can find a lot out about the book if you actually go to the website.
At least get your facts straight


All I did was link to the article.
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