Sunday, June 04, 2006


Fundamentalist Stupidity

Leigh from the House of Wheels has referred me to an article on Sydney Indymedia - Fundamentalist Christianity Weds the Military in the United States.

In short, it contains lies.

Lies that is, which are published on Indymedia.

The article contains a whole bunch of material which asserts Christians are the same as Nazis and contains a general lack of context not seen anywhere else but Indymedia. It seems the Jews actually got a break this time...

The article states:
it is clear that the Christian Fundamentalist Administration doubts there is hope for a future. They think we are in the End Times according to Revelations. They have left whole continents permanently uninhabitable by the relentless dropping of radioactive uranium, as they are out, according to G.W. Bush, “fighting Evildoers for God.”[2]
The second footnote, to (which is a radical looney site that should already raise a few flags) itself does not even contain that quote. Some fact-checking!

Past examples of Indymedia picking on Battlecry here.

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