Saturday, June 03, 2006


Anyone for Golf?

A post on Indymedia Ireland is having a huge fit about a forthcoming golf tournament.

Golf... it spoils more than a good walk!

The Ryder Cup is an occasion of horror to those who regard golf as a way of spoiling a good walk, or merely, an excuse to wear Rupert the Bear trousers in public. However, this major sporting event is coming to Ireland this September. There has been virtually no background investigation into the preparations. Until now...
The subsequent "background investigation" consists of incessant whining that those who wish to spend money on golf are permitted to do so.

In all, the Ryder Cup 2006 at the K Club is a sickening display of wealth, arrogance, and greed. It’s one of disregard and disdain for the Irish people, local community, and taxpayers.
Or as one comment puts it:

What a bitter, jealous piece of writing. Not a salient point in the whole thing, just a long list of bitching and babbling.
A later comment scores a hole-in-one:
This report is the biggest heap of bigotted shite that I have ever read in my entire life.For some loser to start bitching about the largest sporting event ever to be held in this country is typical of the clueless shite and drivel that is often spouted on this site.

I bet you any money the author has never played golf in his fucking life but is coming on here knocking it.If it was a soccer world cup he would probably find that o.k. ?

Golf is no longer an elitist sport and has not been for quite a while.As for ordinary people not been able to watch it.Wrong again.There was a draw made for most of the tickets last September.All you had to do was put your name forward and you had a great chance of getting them.I know a good few people who do have them and no, they won't be arriving by helicopter or limo.

As for the taxpayer paying for it?Where the fuck did you get that from?This event is worth millions and millions to the local and national economy.And it doesn't all go to big business either.Go around Kildare and see how many people are giving out about it being staged there.No One!!The whole country will benefit from it.Guest houses,cafes,golf courses(most of which in Ireland are non profit making by the way), petrol stations-you name it they all benefit.

Charities recieve millions out of the Ryder cup each time it its played(both local and international).The players play for free.

As for MrSmurfit making money out of it.He actually has to pay all the costs associated with it(Millions).Of course this will be made back in time but he will be long dead before that happens.
As for the clothing prices so fucking what.I didn,t see anyone forcing you to buy it did I?If you can find a better way to spend 85 quid fair fucks to you.1 night out perhaps.How much is a soccer or a gaelic or a rugby jersey?How much is a crappy band T shirt at a gig?

Go and do me a favor and check out your facts before putting so much effort into writing an article that is factually bullshit.While your at it why don't you give golf a try before you knock it. Try deerpark in Howth-12 euro for 18 holes.Not bad for 4 hours entertainment.See how long 12 bucks lasts you in Grogans when your in on Friday whingeing about something else.

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