Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Penn and Teller on 9/11 Conspiracy Losers

Penn and Teller's show Bullshit featured an episode too good to miss, regarding 9/11 conspiracy theories and those who espouse them.

The nine minute video, below, contains sensitive content (obviously) however should be watched and distributed as it makes a simple point, very simply. Not that this should convince some people.

Previous Bullshit here.

How ever so true.
That was an awesome video. I'm gonna link to this post.
Until I saw this video, I never even considered Penn and Teller as people who deserved my respect. They have now earned my respect, and that is the utmost compliment possible from anyone who was trained by The Army. These men could be soldiers, and we would be proud to have them.
Penn and Teller are 2 idiots who wouldn't know reality if it slapped them in the face. They claim that conspiracy theorists insult the memory of those lost in 911. So why is it that so many of the families are now seeking retribution from the government in a class action lawsuit? And he claims that these people don't have evidence? How ignorant.

This is a pathetic smear video that won't stop the 911 truth movement. Very weak. Anyone who has done some real research on 911 will get a good laugh from this video. I wonder how much Penn and Teller got paid by the Bush administration to make this?
Yeah, and the article from Popular Mechanics on debunking the 9/11 conspiracies are also on Bush's dime.


300 experts ALL PAID OFF BY THE GOVERNMENT. You sad ignorant fool!!
The ignorant are those that don't believe something so huge is at work here, that it has transcended over 200 years in the making. Ignorance is born when people don't question "Official" stories, - and ignorance kills. Don't be silly and dismiss this. IT IS SERIOUS. All of civilization as we know it is at stake, and will change. People who won't open their eyes have assured this.
Penn and Teller are too big to be indie, they have to be a govt op.

Popular Mechanics article was written by the cousin of the DHS Director.

However, the majority of 9-11 Confusion Movement is slowly being revealed as every bit as much a part of the 9-11 CIA Psyop as the MSM, in the alternative media.

It's not a slam, and it's not even MY idea. It's just a notion I stumbled across which resonated with what I was expeiencing from the forefront of 9-11 Truth.

I've had to surrender a lot of heroes since 9-11. Amy Goodman. Noam Chomsky. Michael Parenti. Now, Alex Jones and the rest of his circus, AND many of his critics.

The thing is, for a good CIA Psyop, it has to APPEAR credible and even revolutionary, so it has to throw in a LOT of truth. The analysis says basically, they covered up JFK for decades. Impossible with the Internet. Instead, reveal EVERYTHING, and bury it in ... well .. Bullsh1t ... to quote Penn.

For more info, I have links on my site. The 9-11 Confusion Movement is PART of 9-11, and a leaderless group of people are still trying to sort it all out, but have made a lot of headway.

Look up the Penn and Teller exposure of PETA on this Indymedia for my comments on Gloria Steinem, CIA, or google that.
OH, BTW, Pop Mech picked on all the low hanging fruit that MUCH of 9-11 serious researchers had already debunked months or years earlier.
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