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More Google Purging

A recent article at Newsbusters asks, Is Google Purging Conservative News Sites?

Well at least Indymedia is still considered okay by Google as a credible news source. Even if the Indymedia moderators hid something, it's still good enough for Google. Nearly a fortnight later it still seems okay for Google News to link to material so appalling even Indymedia would hide it. Amazing!

That article listed Michelle Malkin as complaining publicly that she was not listed in google news. She is obviously a liar in claiming conservative bias in her not being listed. Google does not list individual's websites in their news. I have had friends try and they all got the same answer from google. They want to see a group effort before the will list it as news. Surely Michelle got this same email reply from google but she conveniently forgot to notify readers as she whined about discrimination.
I don't believe the complaints about Google were confined to an anti-conservative bias, but an avoidance by Google of sites critical of radical Islam.

Newsbusters had more on this theory here.
Indymedia: All Nazi. All the time.
Yes, but Indymedia publishes REAL NEWS which gets picked up by google. Not the drivel Michelle Malkin and her deranged ilk spew up as news.

Here are some recent NYC Indymedia articles picked up by Google. Maybe if Michelle Malkin ever does any reporting, she'll get on gn.

NYC Media Activists Target Verizon HQ
NYC Independent Media Center, NY - 4 hours ago
By Ellen Kobak. A wide array of local media activist groups demonstrated outside Verizon World Headquarters Wednesday afternoon. ...

M24 - Day of Out(R)age - Protest the Telcos
NYC Independent Media Center, NY - May 22, 2006
By saveaccess. NYC PROTEST INFO: Wednesday, May 24th 12:30-1:30 Verizon World Headquarters 140 West Street at Vesey Street ACE-23 trains to Chambers St. ...

Wired Magazine Publishes Secret Whistleblower Docs. In EFF / ATT ...
NYC Independent Media Center, NY - May 22, 2006
5/22 | Wired Magazine has documents which document a massive governemnt / industry collaboration to montitor digital traffic through AT&T switches. ...

The End of Another Two-Newspaper Town?
NYC Independent Media Center, NY - May 22, 2006
5/22 | Today the news industry is again in peril. Certainly journalists from Judith Miller to Jayson Blair have a role in that, but ...

LES Activists Urge Landmarks Commission to Protect PS 64/Charas
NYC Independent Media Center, NY - May 21, 2006
By Sierra Freeman. Supporters of preserving PS 64 packed a Landmarks Commission meeting Tuesday morning in an emotional hearing that ...

McCain at the New School: Write Up From the Nation
NYC Independent Media Center, NY - May 21, 2006
By The Nation. "I consider this a time of crisis and I feel compelled to speak," Rohe continued, referencing McCain's speech at Falwell's ...

Hawkins Easily Wins Green Party Nomination for US Senate
NYC Independent Media Center, NY - May 21, 2006
By Howie Hawkins. Longtime peace activist Howie Hawkins easily won the Green Party nomination Saturday afternoon to face Hillary Clinton in the race for Senate. ...

Indypendent to Host Community Reporting Workshop
NYC Independent Media Center, NY - May 18, 2006
... The Indypendent, NYC Indymedia's award-winning newspaper, will hold a two-part community reporting workshop on Saturdays June 3 and 10 from 1-5 pm at our new ...

FBI Opens Investigation in RNC Arrests; Singles Out Officer Wohl
NYC Independent Media Center, NY - May 18, 2006
... to determine if any police officers” conduct violated federal civil rights statutes.” [Read More and Interview With Gideon Oliver || NYC Indymedia Breaks ...

Coalition of Media Activists Launch Campaign Against Clear Channel ...
NYC Independent Media Center, NY - May 16, 2006
5/16 | A coalition of media activists have launched a campaign to file complaints with the FCC following the offensive (yet distressingly typical) comments ...
I have responded to the above comment here.
So a fact-based comment at indymediawatch about how Michelle Malkin lied in claiming a bias against her (because google news will not link to one-person websites, regardless of content, and she knows that), that comment is hidden here, but comments like the following are okay?

"Indymedia: All Nazi. All the time."

real classy
What are you talking about?

The only comment I have deleted recently, was an exact duplicate of a comment which appeared immediately above it. I assumed someone had posted the same comment twice in error and have acted quite responsibly.
Is there a problem with "Indymedia: All Nazi. All the time."?

It's perfect.
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