Sunday, May 28, 2006


Goal Passed

San Francisco Bay Area Indymedia reports the "9/11 Truth Petition" has passed its goal of 10,000 signatories. The petition is apparently signed by a:
"Group of prominent experts, including scientists and former high-level military personnel, [to] call for release of basic 9/11 information."
It notes:
Dustin Mugford was #10,000
Meanwhile, other prominent experts, scientists and former high-level military personnel have shown their support. The Easter Bunny was 9,975, Santa Claus was 9,974 and Homer Simpson was 9,729.

Mazel Tov again to Mr Mugford...

The original claim was that they would achieve 10,000 signatures two weeks after the petition was put online.

It took anonymous months to pad the petition with his signature.
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