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Bay Area Censorship

This comment appears on SF Bay Area Indymedia further to (yet another) anti-Israel piece.
"Of 12 comments posted, only FOUR are allowed to appear?

And none by critics.

How telling.

Do you think you are actually helping leftist causes by driving away readers in droves?
who wants to go to a website filled with only folks preaching to the choir?

How often does a person have to have his carefully written posts ruthlessly deleted before they abandon this site altogether?

Look at SF. IMC its a dead site!! traffic is 1/30th of what is once was due to the censorship especially about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Why would you want to follow in SF. IMC's steps??? "
Indeed. It's a fine line between effective moderation and censorship. "moderating" opposing views for no other reason however, falls clearly into the second category and continues to make Indymedia worthless.

IndyBay has been going downhill for quite awhile...first it was hiding comments that you could somewhat...almost...kinda...but not really construe to be racist, or if you violated some policy like personal attacks and you happened to be pro-Israel, then the hiding of all things that favored Israel and subsequently the autoblocking of frequent Zionist posters and if they managed to post ANYTHING, deletion of the comment (I had many comments deleted that presented arguements such as abortion should be legal...), but recently they deleted the hidden comments section alltogether. No potential for dialogue, it's ridiculous. Since they now only host extreme left wing material, I would argue that by definition IndyBay is no longer a news site, rather, it is propoganda.
Golly, the site is terribly boring now that you can’t read the comments deemed too subversive to make print.

Indybay was never very good, but its long downward spiral is nearing an end I foresee.
What does it say about a site, and of the Left, where you can't in the least be pro-Israel?

It's the 1930's all over again.
How dare you Zionazi scum question our commitment to social justice in Palestine? Suicide bombings, rock throwing, and other Ghandian forms of resitance have been a great boon for human rights. Israel, the Nazi state, has been responsible for the displacement and mistreatment of millions of people since its demonic inception in 1948. There is no place in a civilized world for an apartheid state such as Israel. It must dissolve itself and return the lands it has stolen. Whatever happens to its Jewish residents is their own fault and just desserts.

Naw...just kidding you. Just how easy is it come up up with all of this "social justice" and "pro-Palestinian" rubbish? The people who write such trash--whether the crazed Charlotte Kates or the moronic Vanessa Regdrave--are tapping into some very shallow wells. I've just learned what easy targets they are. Laugh at them--but never forget that a whole host of well-meaning, ignorant people take them seriously.
That certainly follows the dynamic at DC’s Indymedia site, which is run by just 3-4 editors who hold no public meetings, have removed public access to their online decisions, and who hide all editorial critique on the newswire. What it’s devolved to is a site with less editorial openness and transparency than most mainstream news sources. Having an open newswire and valuing diversity and dissent is a great idea. DC Indymedia (and other collectives) should try it sometime.
Allow me to take your mask off.


Talk of "demise" is premature and merely the wishful thinking of FIVE VERY LOUD Jewish trolls.

Seems to me there is no demise, just the 5 Jewish trolls have been kicked to the curb. They attempted to scream down any and all posts that advocated for equal rights for palestinians, claiming palestinians didn't deserve it, it was all the palestinians fault and they get what they deserve, israelis are better than palestinians, etc. etc. It was obviously disruptive to the site, and the Jews would often carry over their rabid defense of all things israel into unrelated threads. Indybay is not an israel-only site, even if that's all these trolls see in the world.

Also, cutting down on Jewish chatter does not make it less of a news site, just less of a Jewish troll chat site. No one's crying if that makes it less fun and more boring for the 5 Jewish trolls. Go yell on yahoo! all day if that's what floats your boat. Go comment on israpundit -- they love your Jewish zealotry over there.

As for the supposed "going downhill" or "demise" check out this post:

Maybe it's time these Jewish trolls start their own news/chat site, welcome all who oppose their viewpoints, including david duke types, in the spirit of "open" publishing and see how it goes. Put up or shut up fellas. And stop whining so much. Dry your crying eyes. It's time you grow up and stop running to your indymediawatch momma so much.

The 5 of you tried to bully indybay and apparently it has failed. Move on.
"Maybe it's time these Jewish trolls start their own news/chat site, welcome all who oppose their viewpoints, including david duke types, in the spirit of "open" publishing and see how it goes. Put up or shut up fellas. And stop whining so much."

It seems that they have already put up . Your posting here, but no one who disagrees with you can post on IndyBay. I think the problem is you just can't defend yourself in a fair debate so you need to CENSOR any opposing view points.

PS - Anytime you think your up for it pick a site where my posts won't be censored and I'll gladly meet you there to discuss the situation in Israel and the Palestinian territories.
There is extensive evidence that's moderators are not only censoring material in blatant violation of their own site's policies, but they are also logging IP addresses contrary to their stated privacy policies. They simply cannot be trusted. welcomes racist and anti-Semitic material
Filed under: Front Page

and also violates its stated editorial and privacy policies

We previously reported how the pro-Palestinian San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Collective ( censored numerous articles on the abuse of women, gay people, and religious minorities by militant Islamic nations. The SF Bay Area Indymedia Collective, however, felt it quite appropriate let stand material from a self-identified neo-Nazi that refers to African-Americans, Asians, and Hispanics as “n****rs.”

As for IP addresses,

Here is what SF Bay Area IMC says:

“The SF Bay Area IMC web server does not normally track the domains or IP addresses from which people visit and/or post to the SF Bay Area Indymedia web site.”

Here is what SF Bay Area IMC apparently does:

by brigg Wednesday, Jul. 24, 2002 at 6:19 PM

Oh, no. I know the truth. That’s not the issue. You said “We dont store ips”, which I never even mentioned anything about “storing”. Your statement says that “The SF-IMC web server does not track the domains or IP addresses from which people visit and/or post…”, which is what you did, you “tracked” them down. You might want to revisit your “privacy policy”. Hey, it’s your show. Maybe you’d rather clarify as you go along.
It looks like someone made them mad!
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