Friday, April 14, 2006


Why the World Hates the USA

An article on BC Indymedia explains Why Hate for USA grows.
The world has reached a point where whenever something goes wrong,– when something bad happens: a car bomb, a disease outbreak or a tsunami, people , especially the victims, blame the USA. This is a remarkably simplistic and yet sophisticated reaction - the universal scapegoat.
This universal scapegoat is of course prevalent on Indymedia. The solution?
If the people of the US do not stop their government'’s policies and make peace (surrender?) then the world'’s hate will grow, and grow.
Great... This of course is based on the (naive) assumption that Americans' evil actions are entirely responsible for others hating them. They are not.

To believe this is to disregard fundamental and irreconcilable differences and is as silly as blaming Jews for aggravating the Nazis, or a rape victim for enchanting her rapist.

If I knew someone wanted to kill me, and I'd never done anything to them, I probably wouldn't care much for their feelings or opinion. Does that make me insensitive? To some, yes.

One of the replies is some of the more sensible material I have seen on BC Indymedia.
The world doesn't hate the USA because of war -- there are more third-world conflicts today than one could even count and they have nothing to do with the USA. African civil wars, Dafur genocide, East Timor insurrection have nothing to do with the US (unless you're one of those people who sees the hand of the CIA or the Jews in every sparrow that falls) [no shortage of that on Indymedia -ed]

No, the world hates the USA for precisely the same reasons that teenagers hate parents. It's a combination of jealousy, insecurity and immaturity.

They hate the USA precisely because the USA spends so much money around the world trying to stabilize situations that are inherently unstable. It's the "Dad! I hate you! Buy me an iPOD!" syndrome.

The UN is a prime example of this "Throwing the toys out of the playpen" mentality. The US pays the lion's share of all UN programmes, but if the US actually tries to have a say at the UN, the children throw tantrums and claimed to be bullied.

The America haters of the world are incensed when America plays Global Policeman -- but, they fully expect America to be the Global Ambulance Driver and will whine mightily if millions of US$ aren't Johnny on the Spot 12 seconds after any global catastrophe.

No, it's plain to see that the world will stop hating the US as soon as the rest of the world grows up and starts paying for its own toys.

Great post.
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