Friday, April 14, 2006


What's Scarier than Iran?

Another article on NYC Indymedia says its Time to Shake Up the Peace Movement.
The silence about Iran is staggering.
No kidding!

Oh, not the bit about how they have threatened to wipe a democracy (Israel) off the map, or their habit of executing dissidents.

No no.

The real problem, is Bush and Israel.
The peace movement seems paralyzed by the charge that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Never mind that Scott Ritter, who was dead right about Iraq's WMD, has said repeatedly in interviews and speeches that Iran has no nuclear weapons program. [See my Jan. 24 video interview .] or that the IAEA officials have no evidence of such a program. Never mind that the US has thousands of nuclear weapons that could holocaust Iran in minutes. Never mind that Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons pointed at Tehran.
Pop Quiz:
Which country's President, recently threatened to destroy another country. Is it:
a) Iran
b) Israel
c) United States of America

Don't worry... Iran doesn't really want nuclear capability.


Scarcely a week goes by without a religious ruler or leader in Iran stating their desire to destroy other countries, praising suicide missions or expressing joy about the possibility of getting 'the bomb'. It is quite safe to assume Iran will not be a responsible nuclear power.

I don't know who originally said it, however agree with the quote that:
Comparing a nuclear armed democracy like the USA or Israel to a fundamentalist theocracy like Iran, is as naive as comparing a housewife in a kitchen with a big knife, to a deranged lunatic in a dark alley with the same knife.
I don't care what you think of George W. Bush or Israel. The fact is, Iran's ambitions and rulership are dangerous. Not merely to Israel (as if that isn't bad enough), but to the whole world.

It is of deep concern, that there are some whose hatred of Bush (and Israel) et al is so deep, they can't see this. They flock to Indymedia.

Actually, Israel's possession of nuclear weapons is itself a threat to wipe out Iran and the US has repeatedly threatened to attack Iran with nukes. Considering that the US armed and backed Saddam Hussien with chemical weapons, then Iran is the threatened party.
Actually, Israel's possession of nuclear weapons is itself a threat to wipe out Iran

This is a frequent argument, however not borne out by history.

The Israelis have had no shortage of provocation by Arab countries since 1948 and despite numerous opportunities however have simply not acted in the manner you suggest.

On the other hand, lets say the Iranians or the Palestinians all of a sudden had nukes. Would they show similar restraint? This is the difference between despotic fundamentalist regimes, and democracies. A point often lost on those who can't tell the two apart and think it's "only fair" that both should be equal.

The reality is, there are a large number of countries which have zero human rights records, zero democracy, womens rights, freedom of speech etc. etc. Sadly, their cause is ignored by many of those who profess to be advocates for these causes, as they are too caught up in bashing countries far less deserving of their scrutiny.
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