Monday, April 17, 2006


Weekly Moron

Sydney Indymedia is hosting the latest thrilling instalment of its regular feature - the Weekly Zio Report. A lengthy rant consisting of nothing but antisemitic bile.

It appears, with the support of the Sydney Indymedia moderators who consider publishing it an appropriate compromise to being blackmailed with more of the same as spam on their newswire.


In other news, it looks like another Indymedia is to be started down-under in Arafura, Darwin (Northern Australia). I have previously questioned the point of multiple local Indymedia sites which all seem to post similar or identical material about a tiny group of foreign (i.e. non-local) nations.

Comments on the Arafura proposal:
The fact is, many many Indymedias, besides Sydney, are FUBAR. I wonder then why the world needs yet another one, until those already stinking up the Internet are fixed.
Absolutely. My suggestion? Seppuku.

The question is also asked:
Will the Arafura Indymedia have its own Zio-Report or will its editors actually give a shit and stand up to Nazi terrorist blackmailers?
A good question indeed. I am cynical. Can't imagine why!

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