Saturday, April 08, 2006


Watching the Watchers

An Irish blogger has a post discussing the proliferation of "watch blogs" which 'watch' other blogs.
A comment box me thinking today about the phenomenon of “watch” blogs, set up expressly to have a go at other blogs
By way of example, the author linked here.

He then notes:
It’s important to remember that no-one (really folks, get over yourselves, no-one) gives a shit what bloggers say anyway, except for other bloggers. So really, these little spats are no different from a decent pub argument.
Perhaps, though I believe Indymedia is much more than a 'blog' and harder to simply ignore. Many thousands of blogs on zero budget and with a single writer however, manage to do a far better job of 'journalism' than the so-called Independent Media whose advocates constantly complain how hard their job is, keeping out the filth even though everyone else manages - or concedes failure.

Tuppenceworth then raises the phenomenon of "watch watch" and its offshoots:
We await the next logical step, the development of the “watch watch”, the “watch watch watch” and, after the manner of Gillette Razors, the “watch watch watch watch”.
I first mentioned this nearly a year ago. I guess he wasn't watching.

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