Sunday, April 09, 2006


Sydney Continues to Bow to Blackmail

Another "Zio Report" - a regular antisemitic post by Faruque Ahmed, has appeared on Sydney Indymedia.

It is my understanding, (and from some private emails from Sydney readers) this is permitted by the Sydney mods, as deleting it would result in him flooding the newswire and effectively rendering the whole site unusable.

In other words, they will turn a blind eye to this raving bigot in the name of peace and quiet. Except for Jews that is.


I would rather shut the site down before giving in to someone like that.

Update: Ahmed's bile has not been posted to Melbourne Indymedia (including hidden articles). It's interesting how Melbourne has dealt with this compared to Sydney and says something about dealing with blackmailers and antisemites.

Before that, he was permitted to post as the mods thought he must be the victim of war/hate crimes to be that angry. I don't think they realised that he was from Bangladesh. Its a bit sad that people like Faruque get the benefit of the doubt, despite spewing such hatred regularly.

This is my favourite Faruquian post of recent times.

No registration necessary (I think).
Gotta love the "zionazi scum" instead of the phrase "Israeli". At least you're not in the dark as to where he stands, although you are in the dark as to how someone could be so stupid.
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