Friday, April 14, 2006


Say Cheese

A post on NYC Indymedia leads to a series of photos by an 'experienced' activist of police at protests.

It's a very interesting look at life on the other side of the water cannon, although the commentary is a little...
Is this supposed to be journalism or political propaganda? Without your rather biased commentary the photos would stand on there own as objective documentary. But combined with your rambling editorial captions they are reduced to what the Stalinists called Agitprop, short for agitation propaganda. By being part of what you are recording, you diminish any power that these photos have; they take on the aura of staged theater. Are you there to record the events, or are you there to help make the events?

That being said; it is usually a truism that most protest photos suck. Most, not all. Some of these however are rather well done.
They are.

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