Monday, April 17, 2006


Pass the Earplugs

Tim Blair reports on local radio:
The ABC’s ongoing difficulties with the word “terrorist” sometimes force presenters into spectacular avoidance formulations. Yesterday an ABC News Radio host came up with this:

The involvement of Hamas in activities which are not compatible with western standards ...

(Comment not verbatim; I may have missed the announcer’s prayer for forgiveness.) Also on local radio, last week Triple M night host Spoonman invited listeners to identify the world’s most dangerous nation. Naturally, the US received more nominations than all other nations combined; some callers even mentioned the Illuminati and various conspiracy theories involving the evil Bush clan’s involvement in 9/11. It was like an audio version of Indymedia.

Indymedia needs to acknowledge criticism such as this, and ask "why do we have this reputation"? Sadly, I expect they regard it as the highest praise.

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