Thursday, March 09, 2006


Victoria Takes Time Out

Following up on the Rachel Corrie Pancake Breakfast, it seems Victoria Indymedia is taking a break.
IMC Victoria is taking a time-out to regroup and rebuild

There is a good chance something interesting will happen here. Sit back and watch. In the meantime, please understand if you see something loathsome in this space, it is a merely a reflection of some loathsome individual's thoughts. Get over it.
It then goes on to prove the point. Perhaps before they regroup and rebuild, they may want to consider what to do about things like this:
Rocks were thrown through windows earlier this week at the Islamic Cultural Centre and the Al-Hissane Islamic Centre. Police spokesman Guy Lajeunesse said Thursday the two mosques are less than a kilometre apart. "At one of the mosques, two rocks, about the size of two baseballs, were tossed through a window which was shattered," Lajeunesse said.
As it was plagiarized entirely from other media, the article is fairly reasonable. Comments however tell a different story:
Not only are the Jews and Zionists generally the racist, imperialist aggressors worldwide, but they are so in control over the media, universities and governments that there can be witnessed a supreme fastidiousness at policing every word and picture that might offend any Jew...Do the Zionists or Jews need any more "outrage" added to what is already permeating our newspapers, radios and TV screens, supplied by the Zionists who own and control this media themselves?
Jews Zionists controlling the media? Who knew? Next you'll be telling us they control governments and eat babies too. What a scoop! Brought to you on Indymedia...

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