Friday, March 24, 2006


I Like Rioting

Someone on UK Indymedia is Jealous of Paris:
Three months ago we had the working-class rioting against the government from the Banlieus and this week we see the middle-class students rioting against the government.

While watching the pictures i am pleased to see French people standing up for themselves against the real violence of the government and the real criminals who are the police but i am also jealous beacause in my country i see nothing.

Londoners are soft, Londoners and apathetic and Londoners need to start having some self-respect and start believing in something.

We have to copy our French brothers and bring protests to the streets of London to the similar oppressive Laws and oppressive Police we have here.


One comment sets him straight:
Go on then...
I await the results with interest. Anything you're going to be fighting for in particular? Or will it be just to get that monumental chip off your shoulder?
Others are right behind him:
We're not going to achieve change without challenging the authorities and that means violence - and breaking with hegemonic notions that prevent us from achieving our goals. Drop the faux fleet street pretensions and shut the fuck up - the time to fight is now!

people of the world unite!
Let stupidity ring...

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