Sunday, March 05, 2006


Dripping Wet Protest Action

According to Sydney Indymedia, It Rained on John Howard's Parade.

Well, not exactly. Actually, it rained on the 1-300 protesters who gathered to 'celebrate' his tenth year in office.

The crowd was vocal, passiontate and incredibly well behaved, at least for the time that I was there. Unfortunately I had to leave before the end but as there has been almost nil media coverage, I'm assuming there were no arrests. This is amazing as the State Protection Group's thugs out numbered the protestors and they've not been adverse to starting a fight in the past. There was also a large mounted presence.

Best of all, was the fact that it rained and rained and rained :)
Well, you've got to admire the optimism... As for the police activities, a comment notes:
Perhaps the police response wouldn't have been as "excessive" if supporters for your cause numbered greater than a handful. I guess the police planners overestimated how popular your protest would be... Not their fault it was a non-start.
Other comments argue whether or not there was violence. I mean you can't have a peaceful protest without violence can you?

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