Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Breaking Broken News

Sydney Indymedia is scooping the mainstream press with its report that Communists to be interned in Dachau, filed under "Fascism | Prisons | International".
The President of the Munich police has informed the press that the first concentration camp holding 5,000 political prisoners is to be organised within the next few days near the town of Dachau in Bavaria.
Worrying stuff indeed! A comment points out:
You do realise that this story is dated March 21, 1933 don't you? Some 'news'...

It continues:
Let's say however that Indymedia existed in 1933. I have no doubt, there would be articles insisting the Jews were simply being rounded up as part of a secret Jewish plot to attract sympathy for the state of Israel. There would probably be several articles as well about Jews in the ghettoes stealing bread from hard working Germans.

I love this site...
Don't we all.

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