Thursday, February 09, 2006


Zionists Eh?

The Great Zionist Conspiracy continues, over on Quebec Indymedia which reports:
Skullduggery on Parliament Hill: Like a fixed fight,David Emerson ran as a "Ringer" for the right-wing Harper Conservatives.

Why else would Emerson immediately "defect" the Liberal party when he was just elected and why would Steven Harper encourage him to do so?
Maybe its because they are both backed by the the "Zionist" Aspers family who owns the CanWest media conglomerate?

David Emerson,the Aspers and PM Steven Harper have formed an alliance to advance an Israeli Govt.agenda in Canada! Obviously CanWest's Aspers, bank-rolled Harper (and Emerson) to obtain a big hand in running the new (Asper/Harper) Canadian Govt.!
Jews Zionists controlling Government and the Media? Of course! The author forgot to mention banks and the global economy but I think he made his point.

I lived in Canada and Canwest (and most of the Canadian media) generally supports the Liberal party and not the conservatives.
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