Friday, February 17, 2006


Protest Updates

Via DC Indymedia:
Muslim Rally at the Denmark Embassy - this Saturday

Speakers Include: Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz, Imam Akbar Bilal, Imam Abdul Alim Musa, Imam Mohammed Asi, Hodari Abdul Ali, and other community and Muslim leaders who will speak in solidarity with the worldwide Muslim Ummah (Community) that is fighting against the intentional debased attack by the Danish and western peoples against Islam. The participants recognize this as an escalation in the American-European War against Islam and the Muslims.

Sponsored by a coalition of Muslim groups and the New Black Panther Party.
Comments ask, why bother?
Why not protest the Zionist schemers who orchestrated this entire campaign of provocations, to cause anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe prepatory to aggression against Iraq?

Do yourselves a big favor: Fight SMART--and not just hard--for a change.

And speaking of smart protests, via Sydney Indymedia
Scuffles broke out and at least six arrests were made this morning as a small band of placard-waving protesters lobbied guests arriving for the state memorial service for Kerry Packer at the Sydney Opera House.
Kerry Packer was Australia's wealthiest man. Evidently, protesters didn't want to miss one last opportunity. His funeral. Classy!

Initially, one woman was arrested, then another, rapidly followed by four more protesters as tourists looked on bemused under a sunny blue sky as international celebrities and some of Australia's biggest names in politics, business, sport and entertainment arrived for the service.

A police officer told the protesters: "Go or get in the back of the truck, those are the options for you. You don't have the authority to have a peaceful protest. There's no application."

Security guards said they had tried to move the protesters off from the area near the roundabout in front of the Opera House for shouting at the guests.

But Duroyan Fertl, state convenor of the Socialist Alliance, told "The complaint was from security that the protesters were yelling at the guests coming in, where in fact it was them yelling at us, telling us to fuck off.''
I can't imagine why...

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