Saturday, February 18, 2006


PETA, Non-Violence and Bullshit

This episode of Penn and Teller's "Bullshit" (Google Video) tackles PETA head-on.

It addresses an issue I have raised repeatedly, regarding "non violent" versus "violent" protests. About 8 minutes in, two activists argue that violence and non-violence aren't ethical or moral choices, but "tactics". The firebombing ensues.

Worth watching.

I posted that Penn and Teller to the UK Indymedia a while back. As expected, I had nothing but the usual insane insults from the loons...
Your link simply says "URL"

Love your site. Keep hammering them.
Gloria Steinem, and her Ms. Mag pub, and her work in Women's Liberation, trying to put gender inequities on the same platform as the Vietnam War and Black Liberation (from cop violence),

was the product of the CIA.

Steinem denied it at first, and tried to block publication and sue others, including women's rights advocates (I think called "Red Slippers" or something).

But the evidence came forward that she was tied to notorious CIA front Washinton Post (as exposed in the Frank Church Committee by William Colby and other analysis of the relations btw the Graham owners and CIA people), including a CIA document showing her tracking student activists in Europe, and reporting them to CIA.

Not only did Steinem's work provoke some ridicule, but it also created splits in genuine liberation and antiwar movements which preceded hers, eclipsed genuine women's rights efforts with big money and phony psychobabble, and helped create legislation which pushed working class women into the workforce (by necessity, not choice), ultimately lowering wages for all by doubling the labor supply, and helping to cause more splits in stable marriage.

This is NOT an anti-woman point. It's an anti-CIA mind-screw point.

Is PETA a repeat? I'd lay $5 on that.
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