Friday, February 17, 2006


DC Indymedia Watch

Via my referrer logs, I can see DC Indymedia Watch has been constituted.

DC Indymediawatch joins Indymedia Ireland Watch in what may become a global franchise!

They read local Indymedia sites, so you don't have to...

Thanks for the props! I just finished a nice long post on DC Indymedia editor Chris Belcher, CNI, and their mission to the Middle East that brought them in contact with several Holocaust denying terrorists.
"dc indymedia watch" posts not-so-subtle threats of violence against the editors of, claiming on Feb. 9 that if "anti-racists" gave into their "impulses" "the houses of the DC Indymedia editors would have burned down long ago." On the 17th, the author revisits the issue, writing that "somehow the anti-racists in DC have been able to control their justified anger and not burn down property..."
Here is a corrected link to the first quote:
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