Saturday, February 04, 2006


Anyone speak Hungarian?

If anyone speaks Hungarian, could you go to this page on Indymedia Hungary and tell me what they are saying about me.

It's not offensive, if you mean. Analyzes the situation along with it's effects, side-effects and the origin of this huge hoopla that1s about the drawings. Many open-minded, educated Muslims think there should rather be a dicussion on the social level about this matter. On the other side, the Christian culture has got over the question of blasphemy, there are a lot of examples, one of them is a Serrano exposure where most of the visitors found the picture Pissed Christ rather boring. The Danish are being hunt down by the fundamentalist minority, not taking any notice of the fact that many Danish people disagree with the publishing or message of this drawing. The article urges for tender thinking on both sides, nistead of declaring cultural war and all the stupid things like that.
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