Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Home Sweet Home

Via Melbourne Indymedia comes a challenge:
I HEREBY, with full knowledge of the laws and penalties contained in Schedule 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Bill (No. 2) 2005, urge all readers of this column to arm themselves with the nearest blunt instrument, storm Parliament House and overthrow the Australian government by force.
We know you chickenshits don't have the balls to go all the way so eat shit fuck off and die all you Liberal, gNat's, Family First arsefuckers and all yr hanging dags and running vomit eating dogs. Especially those vomit eating dogs like Mick Keelty.

You are GUTLESS!

We called you out and you piked you yellow stinking maggots!

FUCK YOU and all who sail in you. And fuck the brownosing corpse media - your all dead meat talking. Don't you know we're talkin bout a revolution.

And we are long past whispering.
A subsequent comment provides a stunningly appropriate response:

Classy. And articulate, too.
Don't you know we're talkin bout a revolution.

Give me one reason to stay at Indymedia, and I'll turn right back around...

(Does anyone still buy Tracy Chapman albums?)
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